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cloud tearerist

head of the dada fount

In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Who Would You Be?

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promised myself i would never do an online quiz again. whatever, i guess.

modern: life is simple. there will soon be a conversion of the whitewolf storyteller system and the interlock of cyberpunk 2020. it has been along time since my last internet are scavenge, i might try that out again. i have been using to scrounge music. this stands strong as a solid site. writing a screenplay, though i still have no idea what the hell it is about. it will bake over the next 8 months. decided it was time to get my glasses fixed, a hair cut, some new clothing, and a good job. sell my art cheap, you buy.


eliver snorgle
sarva mel und telleverse
basher tel mundo

17 8 4
90 18 20 6
16 3 2 9

pedal on lion nose
his brain is made of honey
roar like silver force


whim zing clickclick fwoo
dangching kerchunk crash zim bam
chitchit kerblashan
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