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You have just entered room "cthulhu party land."
disembrainer: waiting on third member
PharaSekh: you are full of shit.
disembrainer: you are full of enemas
disembrainer: so howd your warning level get so 13%??
PharaSekh: i warned some kid, so he returned the favor.
PharaSekh: it was fun.
disembrainer: super
PharaSekh: i think chats are always fun with warm tea and flails at the table side.
disembrainer: teas for fags.
disembrainer: i just ate like 15 poptarts
disembrainer: that makes me superior
sprainedcake has entered the room.
disembrainer: there.
PharaSekh: i ate 5 cocks. makes me dreamy.
disembrainer: everyone else this is everyone else
sprainedcake: aulck? i was just typing you a message
disembrainer: so, brent, we're gonna start an infinite word association game
sprainedcake: friend sent a link that had inifinite popups
disembrainer: you in?
sprainedcake: had to restart computer
disembrainer: ah
sprainedcake: sure
PharaSekh: we can do it for months the way i see it.
disembrainer: more than months
PharaSekh: i am thinking about limitations, like x syllables, words, one sentence. something like that.
sprainedcake: well i go to bed at 3a.m. eastern standard
disembrainer: i figure the limitation should be only one word/idea/etc.
sprainedcake: and i may be doing more than one thing at a time here
disembrainer: like you can say "spastically gyrating hen cocks"
disembrainer: but not "we went to the store to eat death"
sprainedcake: hahahahahahaha
disembrainer: like you can describe it all you like.
sprainedcake: we went to the store to eat death!
disembrainer: but it has to be centered around one word. idea. sense etc.
sprainedcake: man that's a concept all by itself
disembrainer: its called baskin and robins i think
PharaSekh: that sounds good, but people might start making statements. i hate fucking opinions.
PharaSekh: WAR IS EVIL
disembrainer: we can outline it in the initial post
sprainedcake: opinions are okay as long as everybody gets killed
PharaSekh: i don't want anyone getting any kind of healthy thought provoking progession of their lives out of this
PharaSekh: retarded shit only
sprainedcake: boy do i have a cd for you!
PharaSekh: no "i finally understand the source of my problems" or some shit
disembrainer: oh by the way walton this is brent. brent this is walton
sprainedcake: hoy
PharaSekh: ok
disembrainer: now that were all lovers. lets get this started.
disembrainer: where at ?
disembrainer: dadarevolt? mortualis? or maybe pro_ana
sprainedcake: oh i thought we were just doing it on this
PharaSekh: mortualis sounds good.
PharaSekh: dadarevolt is for faggots only.
disembrainer: nah. this way it can go on forever.
disembrainer: yeah. its fun like that.
PharaSekh: i like dada, but making an icon out of it is worthless.
disembrainer: do you want to start it or shall i?
PharaSekh: then people start to think it means something.
disembrainer: talk to junko about that.
PharaSekh: I WANNA!
sprainedcake: what do you mean by "mean something"?
disembrainer: fine. make sure you outline the "rules"
PharaSekh: i am not sure what the rules are going to be. i really want a three syllable restriction.
sprainedcake: hm. absurdity has four. dammit
PharaSekh: i am thinking no one can respond to their own word.
disembrainer: i think a one central idea with no restriction on descriptions relating to it alone limit
disembrainer: and it has to be WORD ASSOCIATION
disembrainer: not fucking sounding impressive. whatever you associate with that.
disembrainer: associate being loosely defined.
sprainedcake: so we're all gonna be MEGA TOUGH right and punch people?
disembrainer: like your asshole.
PharaSekh: and that after so many responses a new original post will be made with a word based on the last response.
disembrainer: we hope so.
disembrainer: we can keep just one going
disembrainer: link the post from the "website" option in the mortualis info
sprainedcake: so if i think that any of this shit is beautiful, that's illegal, right?
disembrainer: you can think its beautiful.
sprainedcake: but it means i'm a hippy faggot right? OH PLEASE?
disembrainer: it can mean your a corn dog if you wish.
PharaSekh: how about we just post this chat conversation. people can read the converse and decide what to do themselves.
disembrainer: that works.
disembrainer: dont use a cut tag.
disembrainer: make the friends pages tremble
PharaSekh: well i am watching dagon now. bye. everybody clip this converse somewhere and we can compare notes when i am done.
PharaSekh: keep talking if you want.


started below is a chance at infinite word association. i will start. with a word. you then can reply to this word. or reply to any reply to this word. or any reply to this reply etc. with a word associated with it. please try to keep it as A_WORD. but you can use descriptors for the word. but no phrases:
such as "swirling faces in the toilet" but not "we walked to the park and bled four mortuaries"


i am hoping for a grand scheme here that outlives death. the way i see it all free association involves hesitation, but the first things that come to mind are usually the best. the hesitation between words can last from milliseconds to years, since there will be some one to pick up the last word eventually. this is a microcosym of how society originated.

enough sophism
start one word
reactive word follows, forever.

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