Cassidy (autumnperson) wrote in mortualis,

Some "broken pictures" I said i would post awhile back...

"Angels" by Addam Jan. 2000.

taken in the morning, after an evening of decadent, excessive, drug enhanced partying and recklessness. the girl with me (who is crouched- i am the one standing) I had just met. A year later, we became dire enemies. This was taken in a decripit attic w/ a Black and White poloroid camera. He then altered the negatives by hand in a makeshift black room to get the contrasting effect somehow...
My favorite I don't have right now, but will try to get... We're curled up together, under a tiny ratty baby blanket, naked and looking absolutely shattered off in a murky corner w/ a low angled ceiling.
waaaaa. I'll post it when I have it in my possesion again...
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