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changing of the guard

some state of war
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BIRTHING VOID community follows very simple discipline:

there are lessons that can be learned but never taught

no such thing as good and evil

i ask only one favor for members: please contribute one idea to be listed as a community interest.

birthing void community was developed so that it's members would be free to express; they would not intimidate themselves into stagnation.

there are no guidlines here. feel free to take off your pants or put a very ugly pair on. church pants are well off also.

there is a total lack of creative borders. everything is art, and there exists not enough energy disposable by man in which i can say EVERYTHING.

users have free reign over posting material. i have reign over deleting material.
a world without language, art sex, cannibalism, chainsaw art, chi rho, creativity, dada, erotica, ether whores, hunger, options, personification, poverty, prosthesis, reckless abandoned youth, ritualism, sex terrorists, siddhartha gautauma, symbolism, theophagia, ubiquitious shit