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chaos theory, never really

chaos theory says that the further you predict into the future with given materia, the more deviance can occur. in this way the further you predict, then the less likely it is that your prediction will be accurate.

digital chaos theory means nothing like that. if you create a random schema, like say a sound recording of random beats, genuine music will occur. the listener may take whatever meaning, organization, appealation, or taste out of the music they want. if the artist jacks off, then meaning is still achieved. the meaning that the audience gives becomes valuable. an audience can listen to a work and associate values such as "so deep" or "this is shit! were did all the money in my pocket go?!" this is determined by cultural norms. all people are nothing more than a collection of cultural norms, memories and percetions of reality, and intellectual ideas

the mind is a void, much like an octupus, that bends itself into new situations. "I" is the final product of this ability. every idea is a solid tube to the mind. whenever an octupus sees a tube, it bends and distorts itself to fit into the tube. in this way the octupus is only the formation of the tubes it fills. HOWEVER this does not change the fact that it is still an octupus. the brain can distort itself and it's state, but never so much that it is no longer a brain, then it would no longer be a mind. freedom and independence are ultimately only containers that the brain can fill, but this does not mean they do not exist. ie, an automobile was originally an intellectual idea much like freedom. but then someone REALIZED this idea and brought about it's existence. in this way economy has weight and ultimately freedom has form.

in this way MATHMATICS and GEOMETRY are nonexistent, but the way the human mind perceives reality also allows him to change reality.
ultimately both are very real, can save your life, and are just as "true" as an arm or a leg.

think of the mind as architecture. when people say "you need a good foundation" it does not become hard to think this way. when an architect sees the facade of a building they can not help but let that structure influence their own style: they perpetuate an idea (MEME)allowing it to survive. in this way when a reader samples an author or speaks to a friend they can not help but reflect that personality. emotions and ideas are transfered. a reader interested in psychological materia becomes a psychologist for a time. by writing this "I"
perpetuate english thought. sometimes a person can read an author and begin to think and act like that author. if an architectural style is isolated it will continue to evolve. after time it can be with its cousin structures. this reflects the development of different communities that have common origins. people from different communities think and behave differently.the entire way we behave is based on what we think, so by changing what a person reads you change what they think. when you change what a person thinks you change the way they live.

i imagine the mind as an empty island. through learning houses are built on these islands. these houses influence behavior and living. several islands can have the same kind of house on them because the inhabitants steal the designs of there neighbors. a chain of islands with similar houses reflects a community. in truth this journal is not a "community" because our houses can be very different. it represents a "density" of people who happened to be in the region. still, all people have more in common than they do different

landscapes alter, and universes change. this is true for the mind. ideas growing over the mind conflicitng with each other, and competing for the resource they hunger for. human thought is transient not permanent. it is bendable, distortable, destroyable. the body and mind many resist torture but may ultimately fail.

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