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cloud tearerist

chronicles from the crash grinder

the next entry will be random thoughts over the next hours/ starting at 1:40 p m and ending whenever the post date says.

sometimes i wish i was a naive romantic virgin.
are you happy?
are you happy?
are you happy?
no one got to hurt you, but you died on the inside.

draw the boy and girl nude in a meadow, pointing at stars.
one time i lied on a cement block in a field. god visited me then.
the closeness between people is usually measured by swords.

when people kiss they don't touch hearts, they touch masks.

ONLY A COWARD HAS ENEMIES. think of this: now hate for racism creates sympathy for racism. any extreme assumes there is and eventually develops a polar opposite. the only way to annihilate racism is to ignore the fact that it exists. if race were ignored from the start we would not have a problem with it now.

imagine hell as an abyss. there are things that happen, but they are unseen. there is a future, but it is untold. darkness is the end of what can be felt. in this way hell already exists and is tremendously beautiful. somepeople identify hell with suffering but i disagree with this notion. in truth hell is completely neutral and can be perceived in the most positive light.

recklessness is a virtue, praise the weird and wild thing. many people would like to tell you they are honest, they create patterns. be fitted for confusion. things come and go as surprises, so let them come and go.

draw the boy and girl holding hands as hell split the earth and weirdness climbs out.

a fool makes his house on solid ground. a fool makes his house on sand. make my house a boathouse in the mountains.

who need roots? i eat roots. knowing my roots would be understanding my next meal.

i have fucking issues with women. fucking issues.

what is the value of a man? i see him much like a dog. this dog, bitter animal, does many things. he rolls on his back and pisses on himself a little. he is submissive. when there is no leader around he goes looking for a leader. when he has no father he finds a father in his friends. he fucks women, even when they aren't around. a woman can love a dog for eating his own shit, he is only a dog. in this way be a dog, rude and whatever you wish. a good woman will forgive you.

seeing art ruins your art. feeling a woman warps the way you feel. and opponents architecture changes the way you build.

hunger of the mind starves the body. exercise of the body dulls the mind. culture no mind and build no body. try not and succeed.

buying an SUV, HUMMER, or anything requiring oil {especially a hot boyfriend} is worshiping satan. PROMISE.

music is fucking brainwashing. fucking brainwashing.

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